Jewelry Care

Over time, your jewelry may darken into a beautiful patina. Exposure to oxygen, water, chemicals, and natural body oils contribute to this process. To slow the patina process, avoid keeping your jewelry in the bathroom (avoiding steam and water stain exposure) and remove before bathing or swimming. Keep your jewelry clean and dry, and store in an airtight container such as a zip lock bag when not in use. Be sure to wipe your pieces clean with a jewelry cloth after handling. Occasionally clean with a mild soap and water, and dry thoroughly.

To remove patina and return metal back to its original tone, wipe with a jewelry cleaning cloth. The Sunshine cloth is recommended as it has a soft abrasive polish embedded in the cloth that is perfect for removing stubborn patina and bringing back the original luster of the piece. For patina not easily removed with a polishing cloth, please contact us for tips or to request a complimentary professional clean up of your jewelry.

Do not rub oxidized (black) silver, or green/blue brass or copper with a jewelry cleaning cloth, because it will remove the oxidation/patina and return the sterling silver, copper or brass to its natural color.

We will gladly refresh your Mckinley Mizar piece at no charge to you except the cost of shipping. We will clean and polish to original luster and restore oxidation to oxidized sterling silver elements. Please see our POLICIES page for information on repairs and replacement of single earrings.